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Keshe, Fraud, Fraud or super-plasma-coated Fraud?

I do not want to clutter up those "happy threads" with realistic thoughts, so I think it is best to start a separate thread for this.
I find it truly amazing to see how many people buy this Keshe crap. How does he do that?
Keshe is a torrent of flash-words, such as "nano-coating", "super conductivity", "plasma", and his own inventions such as "Gas in Nano State", but used in sentences where they make no sense at all.
The average (wo)man has absolutely no idea what exactly the meaning of those words is, they only feel its "high tech", "space age" value. So when Keshe shows his simple chemistry experiments and tells you that you can be a high tech engineer yourself, many want to believe so.
Keshe's instructions are even contradicting his own words but no one cares, because they want to be high tech engineers, taking part in this world changing plan of Keshe, who openly refers to himself as the messiah.
That last fact alone should at least put some seeds of doubt in any intelligent mind.
Let's just take a look at a few of his ideas, as I feel I am far too intelligent to waste more time on this. Not because I believe I am so terribly intelligent, but because I believe even a retarded baboon on LSD is too intelligent to do so (and I think I can outsmart one of those).

The process he describes is a chemical process where NaOH acts on a metal to produce an hydroxide of this metal (which in some cases will decompose into a simple oxide, for example by heating).
It has absolutely nothing to do with nano-technology, however much you wish to believe so.
Nano is a prefix meaning one billionth. In nano-technology it refers to the size of the involved particles, which should be in the nano-meter range, which is close to the atomic scale. For comparison the diameter of a sodium atom is about 380 pico meter, so three of those tightly packed together would be little more than 1 nano meter.
A nano-coating should be either about 1 nano-meter thick, or be composed of particles the size of about 1 nano-meter.
The first option would mean a layer that is so thin, that it would be impossible to see. This does quite obviously not apply to Keshe's nano coatings.
So it must be the second option, which is actually true because for example a Zn(OH)2 molecule does have the appropriate size, and so does a Cu(OH)2 molecule or even the (black) CuO molecule. But it makes no sense because literally every thing is made up of molecules at this scale. That way even writing with a pen on a paper could be considered applying a nano-coat onto the paper. Keshe makes the terminology meaningless.
What is even more hilarious is Keshe's claim that the nano-coating will expand by itself and grow over all electrical wires in your house rendering them super-conductive.
Almost as if his nano-coatings were living entities.

This claim is the most easy to disprove. Superconductivity means that there is NO electrical resistance. This means that if I take a super-conductive ring and bring a magnet close to it, the magnet will induce a EMF in the ring. This EMF will in turn produce an infinite current to oppose the magnet's approach. Result: a magnet can not approach a superconductive ring. You can make a magnet float on such a ring or make the ring float over the magnet.
So.... nano-coat a copper ring and make a video where it hovers over a magnet....
I dare you.

Please look up this term on wiki. Not that wiki is perfect but it gives you at least some understanding about it.
A plasma is a gas in which the outer electrons are freed from any particular atom. These electrons can now freely move around, hopping from atom to atom, and thus create electrical conductivity. The thing is, that while entering an atom the atom gains energy which is released as a photon, or light. There for a conducting plasma produces light and it does so in a very specific spectrum (combination of colours) for each atom.
The light emitted (or absorbed) by a plasma does identify the atoms it is composed of.
Keshe talks a lot about plasma's but in none of his experiments is there any evidence of a plasma, such as the light that it should be producing when carrying an electrical current.
Also in his "plasma capacitors" there is absolutely no evidence of a plasma.

GAs in Nano State.
This is a truly amazingly absurd notion. I imagine Keshe arriving home, closing his front door and bursting out in hysterical laughter about all the ridiculous nonsense he has been telling that day and the faces of the people actually believing it.
Gas, any gas is by definition always in a nano state. It would not be a gas if it wasn't.
Now I see videos of people doing simple electro-chemical experiments producing salts of copper, zinc and other metals and believing that it is a gas!
I saw a video of someone telling you'd have to use distilled water (meaning free of minerals) then he adds sea-salt (sodium chloride mixed with tons of minerals), that defies the point of starting with distilled water. Most video's making CO2 in nano state, do not have anything to do with CO2.

nano-coating as superconductive insulator
In his (or should I write His, Keshe being divine?) Magrav-blueprints, he tells you that you don't need to worry about the fact that the wires are not insulated and touching each other because the nano-coating will take care of that. But wasn't the nano-coat super conductive? How can you insulate a wire with a superconductive coating?

Well this is all the time I want to waste on this person. Meaning that I will most likely not respond to any comments posted here.
FAR too many resources are being wasted on this man.
Why not let a few people verify his experiments and post their results? While you just wait to see it.
Just think for a moment, if I had an apparatus that produces overunity, would there be ANY need AT ALL to invite people over to come and see it?

I rest my case.

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