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New York, Dec. 16, 1904.

Dear Mr. Morgan:-
1.If you will advance me one hundred thousand dollars,
which will enable me to complete my plant and instal some telegra-
phic and telephonic receivers on a few of the most important points
in the world, I will return on your investment of $250,000 twenty-
five millions. To attain this result it is necessary that the
work be attacked at once.
2. Assuming that you are not willing to do this, if you
will advance me fifty-thousand , which will suffice to finish the
indispensable parts, make everything perfectly fire-proof, as I
have planned and take out an insurance, my ultimate success will be
rendered certain, and although you may have to wait long, I shall
still and without fail carry out my promise of returning to you one
hundred times the sum invested.
3. If you do not want to do this, the only one thing re-
mains. You release me of all obligation, give me back my assign-
ments, and consider the sum you have invested as a generous contri-
bution, leaving it all to my integrity and ability to work out the
best results for you and for myself. In this case I intend to go
on a lecture tour, which I believe will give me enough money to
complete the plant. Once I am so far it would not take me more than
a week to get a few millions in Wall Street. I hope sincerely,
that you will not resolve yourself to this last course. Believe
me, you would give me great pain.

Yours faithfully,
N. Tesla.
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