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T E S L A L A B O R A T O R Y ,
Wardenclyffe, Long Island, N.Y.

July 22nd, 1904.

J. P. Morgan, Esq.,
New York City.
Dear Mr. Morgan:-
I hope the unfortunate misunderstanding, the cause of
which I have been vainly trying to discover, will be removed and
that you will recognize that my work is of the kind that passes
into history and worthy of your support. My plant here, when com-
pleted, will enable you to talk from your office to any part of
the world as clearly and distinctly as across your table, and it
will make possible the transmission of telegraphic messages to all
points of the globe with a speed and precision surpassing by far
those practicable through wires, and its capacity of transmission
will be greater than that of the entire cable system of the world
combined. What is still needed can now be very closely estimated.
Three months would suffice to complete the work, which has now been
cruelly delayed for eighteen months. If you will aid me to the end,
my country will be grateful to you.
Yours most faithfully,
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