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The Waldorf-Astoria, New York,
Jan. 22nd, 1904.

Dear Mr. Morgan:-
Are you going to leave me in a hole?!!
I have made a thousand powerful enemies on your account,
because I have told them that xxxxxxxxxxx I value one of your shoe-
strings more than all of them.
Do not grow old and as weak men do. You are
good for another twenty years, if you hold on to life, to your
people and young ideas.
Could I not pledge you in my plant a while
for twenty-five thousand dollars I need to carry out the plan out-
lined in my last letter? If it is not worth that much, I am not an
engineer of world repute, but a chump.
The better way, however, would be to enable me to com-
plete the plant at once. This would mean for you many millions of
dollars, and, what is more important still, a power which you could
use effectively. I hope that you never for a moment confound my
art with the incompetent efforts of my imitators. I could do bet-
ter than any of them, if ninety-nine parts of me were paralyzed.
In a hundred years from now this country would give much for the
first honors of transmitting power without wires. It must be done
by my methods and apparatus and I should be aided to do it first

Yours most faithfully,
N. Tesla.

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