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Dear Mr. Morgan:-
When this work is completed you will have something of
incalculable value. As it now stands, I could be in three months
in a position to establish communication with the chief cities of
the world. This in itself would insure the realisation of the fi-
nancial plan as outlined in Mr. Steele's letter to me of Oct. 21,
1902. In two months more I would be able to demonstrate that power
can be transmitted by my wireless system, regardless of distance,
without appreciable loss. Think only, Mr. Morgan, what this means in
you hands. You can not permit that such a marvelous opportunity
is lost, after what you have already done.
Would you be willing to advance the money if the Nikola
Tesla Company were to authorize a bond issue for the amount. You
could attach to this any condition you consider fair. My work is
thorough, Mr. Morgan, it may seem long to complete, but I assure
you that the ultimate results will be very gratifying to you.

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