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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
The Four Quadrant Theory has deep roots that travel back in time to when humans were more in contact with the Natural World. I discuss these origins, as well as the archane math involving "the 4 roots of One".

This is, by far, the most comprehensive discussion of the history, philosophy, and development of the understanding of electricity that I have ever produced. I'm sure you'll enjoy making it a valued part of your study library!
what you fail to realize is that not everybody likes numbers and figures and such nor is interested in what is being offered ... Roger Penrose prefers geometrical images over algebra.

so when I ask for a 4-quadrant model ... I am asking for you literally to draw me a picture of a model itself that is going to produce wonders.

I do NOT want to be an electrical engineer, it seems there are enough already working away behind the scenes ...

this is a working model of an idea .... do you have one to share?

Draw me a picture of a physical model that Eric would employ to work his magic?

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