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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
The generator has 12 coils, all of which are "generator" coils, but it is wired so that ANY or ALL of the coils can be pulsed as motor coils. It was a lot of work to set it up that way..................................

Goodness, I'll say it must have. That is a lot of fancy switching boys, nice

going. We all know who is doing the tricky circuit. I am of course unaware

of exactly what your circuit entails but I would venture to say that using

short pulses the coils will motor just as you say. Next the same coil had

an off timewell off to that circuit so why not just have the backlash

be gobbled back up using another adjacent circuit.

That is a lot of possibilities for experiments. Pulsing coils and collecting

up the BEMF or whatever ya call it.
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