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State Department emails conflict with Clinton’s Benghazi testimony | Fox News CLINTON EMAILS

New Emails: Benghazi Cover Story Continues to Unravel Benghazi attack 48,65,168

Tim Stowell, Appositive and parenthetical relative clauses - PhilPapers Appositive and parenthetical relative clauses Head relative clauses

3.1. A little history The earliest generative approach to relative clauses is the Determiner-S analysis (Smith, 1964, 69): a determiner selects a restrictive relative marker and/or an appositive relative marker; the marker(s) is shifted to the right of the noun and adjoined to the NP node, and a relative clause is adjoined to its left, yielding the liner order: Det-N-relative clause. The restrictive relative marker allows for recursive adjunction, which yields stacked restrictive relatives; the appositive marker always occurs to the right of the restrictive one, thus accounting for the fact that an appositive relative follows any restrictive relative:

(29) The man that came to dinner, who was drunk, fainted.

Sinatra’s family has steadfastly refused to give any DNA to Lyma following the crooner’s death in 1998. Survivors finally relented in December 2002, cutting Lyma into the estate for $100,000 – but made no admissions to her lineage.

“All I wanted to do was talk to him, touch his hand, and tell him that I understood, that I had survived and was OK,” Lyma said. “But [Sinatra’s family] wouldn’t allow it. They seemed to be so terrified of me.”

Tom Lyma had a daughter by a previous marriage, and Julie Lyma had believed that woman – Joan Malvino – was her half-sister. Lyma said she and Malvino, now 71, gave their DNA to a California lab in 2004, and scientists concluded there’s a 99.22 percent chance they’re not related – proving at least that Julie Lyma’s father was not Tom Lyma.

https://nyppagesix.files.wordpress.c...=100&strip=all ronan

Dylan "Malone" Farrow (b. 1985, a. 1985)

Dylan was born in Texas and adopted by Mia in 1985 after her attempts to conceive a child naturally with Woody were unfruitful. Woody formally adopted Dylan in 1991. Like some of Mia's other children, Dylan changed her name several times (first to Eliza, then to Malone), which Mia attributes to maybe being "an Irish thing." GETTY

The Cobains are a profound example of prepotency. Frances, almost exclusively looks like her father Kurt, and I'm sure she thanks God every day for that. Ronan Farrow resembles both of his parents, but apparently favors Frank Sinatra in adulthood.

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