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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
It worked. Then to increase production I started using some of the motor coils as drive coils to eliminate the motor.

Then I switched to air core coils

Hey Dave

Did you mean motor drive coils are replacing generator coils

or motor coils added next to the gen/coils?? Could you let me

know if this is a misquote or what you are really doing?

PS:Note: In the last video he shows a diagram, do you agree with it?

Originally Posted by erfinder View Post

In my opinion the key to converting so-called "reactive power" is to be found, specifically, in those cases in which dynamo electric or magneto electric machines are the focus, is in the relation between the reactive power generating mechanism and transformer action.

Okay Thanks "E" you'll have to start slow for me. So which system

category does your setup fall under? I honestly don't



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