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Erfinder, I have been harping on about this for years, as you know.

As you know I got around one of the motor/generator problems with a 90 degree phase shift in the field coils, In effect it is no longer a motor, but a self motoring generator with an energizer coil. Once the device is activated it becomes self energizing. There is greatly reduced BEMF as no generation occurs in the energiser/Motor field coils.

Yes Turion, mine is pulsed, which leads to transformer actions between the energizer and generator coils and just as in a transformer, inductance is lowered allowing more current to flow. This causes acceleration under load in the sense that as more current is drawn from the generator coils, more current can flow through the energizer coils. As a result, the stronger fields cause acceleration.

I posted some of the basic information in how some of the device works in the Interesting motor thread over a year ago. Interesting Motor But this is only the DC operation. I haven't got everything worked out for the pulsed DC operation and it remains unfinished at this time but I am happy to let people know what I am doing if they actually build it.

Key points on efficiency

1 With the motor and generator in one case we only have one set of iron losses.
2 The transformer acts at the same time and on the same core and with the same wingdings so while we have 3 functions, the iron losses remain as if it were only one device. The copper losses remain as if it were 2 devices and not 3
3 We only have one set of friction and windage losses.

I dont know if what you are doing is similar, but if it is, get back to me
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