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To answer your question about acceleration under load using air cores. Yes, we've made progression on that front. I have gotten acceleration under load with several (well, 3 is not really several) differential coil configurations. I WAS spending the time to try and figure out which configuration produced the most power, and then got evacuated because of the fire and have not been back to work on it since, but I will continue to work on that in my spare time.

You are absolutely correct that using external motors is a waste of resources, but it is a proof of concept that anyone with a dc motor and some wire to wrap a couple coils can build. And once folks SEE what is possible, perhaps they will invest the money needed to move forward in the RIGHT direction. I started out with my big 12 coil generator being run by a small razor scooter motor with recovery circuits. It worked. Then to increase production I started using some of the motor coils as drive coils to eliminate the motor. Then I switched to air core coils to avoid the magnetic lock of the magnets to the coil cores. Then I started looking at wiring configurations that would speed up the motor under load and still produce power as generating coils. You have to look at every part of a build and figure out what you can do to tweet it to improve production. As you well know, learning this stuff is a process. Too many folks here want to run before they have learned to walk or even crawl, and as you move through a progression of learning you pick up bits and pieces of information about how to build that each add small improvements to your project. And all those bits and pieces put together is the difference between success and failure, or the difference between COP of 2 and COP of 10 or more. Our belief is that if it doesn't have a COP of at least 8, you aren't there yet.


In my opinion the key to converting so-called "reactive power" is to be found, specifically, in those cases in which dynamo electric or magneto electric machines are the focus, is in the relation between the reactive power generating mechanism and transformer action.


I appreciate your dedication to the effort, and it's good to read that you too are aware of the fact that there is no advantage nor benefit to be found in separating the motor from the generator, especially in light of the fact that in unmodified off the shelf prime movers, we note that the current limiting mechanism is a generator, one whose output we are not at liberty to utilize.

Concept proofs for the purpose of sharing an idea in part is a waste of resources, I say that because in the end, the presenter will usually have a superior concept in the works, and for whatever reason will not share this superior concept with those he/she is "claiming" to be helping with the dumb down version. The funds that the replicator would/could invest should be invested in the superior concept and not in the inferior. When all is said and done, the replicator will be forced to invest twice. However I digress......

Motoring and generating are for better or worse joined at the hip. We must accept this, and in so doing, comprehend that which is needed so as to manipulate the internal generator, facilitating the use of the generated, while it simultaneously limits the input current. Most chose not to go this route because it requires effort, were as the joining of two devices one dedicated to motoring and the other dedicated to generating together via a common shaft or other torque translating means is easy. I completely disagree with the latter approach as we learn very little about the identity and nature of either, nor do we glimpse the intimate relationship which exists between the two, and find that which enables us to see them as an expression of one and the same thing.

The pursuit of the latter is more often than not replaced with what you have indicated, namely, the COP discussion/debate. When the input versus output discussions become the focus, when it overtakes any discussion of the inner workings, all hope is lost. You know this, it is a trend which can be viewed all over this forum, and all others where ideas being presented have reached the point where input and output are being compared.

Our machines swim in a sea of invisible (interesting word) stressed substance. Via our permanent and electromagnets we manipulate this substance, one could say that we are manipulating space/counter space itself, the combination of magnets and coils in the machines are likened to key, door, and lock. The presently practiced methods only allow the door to be cracked, allowing only a trickle of what's moving about the system to pass through the to the attached load. All that to say this....wouldn't it be awesome if through our comprehension of the relationship found to exist between motoring and generating, find that combination which fully opens the door, and in so doing, enable the infinite which surrounds the machine to drive the attached load? I'm thinking that under such circumstances, COP discussions become moot. At long last, I see what Tom Bearden was suggesting when he suggested that there is 10^13 (statement can be read in a patent granted to John Bedini) energy around a powered EMF circuit, moot indeed.

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