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I know it, these motor/generator work so many different ways

and people around the world still don't know which end is up.

The air cores and non air cores with a never ending combination

of magnet genny/moto always leaves me spell bound as the list goes


One thing is sure, I always forget the splitting the pos. Thanks for

the reminder. I hope you and "E" get stuff lined up to where others

can see your version running.

After people see it running they will become more interested. Until then

it is our uphill climb with the fears of losing our inventions to blood suckers

all the way to becoming a target.

Most devices with COP over 1 to about 1.5 are considered boarder line

so I like the way you bring out that enormous rating as part of your

defense. Now that cracks me up. But that is what we face. I know

that there are many possibilities with the flat mag genny's and the guys

doing the setup must be willing to share their info so the next group

of younger men can spend untold thousands of hours bringing the

advancement that makes the machine cost effective.

If you ask me? The guys you see running these motor/genny's are doing

it for the fun of it and they don't care to be bothered with speculations.

He lives for the experiment and the chatter is meanless in many cases

because he doesn't know how to fit into his world.

Each man is in his own small cubical where he either enjoys the work

and one day succeeds or it all just lands in the closet.

What you have said Dave is a key to reactive power.

That is another thing, terms, and how everyone has their own idea

about what a term means. The video's will win the battle hands down.
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