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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
As I have stated before, a DC motor should ALWAYS be run as a pulse motor and between the POSITIVES of two power sources with a POTENTIAL difference.

WHY you might ask???? So that between 80 and 90% of the power used to run the motor can be recaptured. And used again and again and again. If you design a motor to have deliberate off times, it runs as a GENERATOR during the off times.

There is at least ONE other person on this forum who has built a motor/generator combination pulsing an off the shelf DC motor to turn a generator where the motor runs on a PATH of about 40 watts (with 80% recovery) and turns a generator that produces close to 90 watts. What is the COP of THAT??

I haven't just SEEN it. I have BUILT it. At the present time I have a few thousand dollars invested in a scaled up model I have been working on for well over two years.

So I can tell you from experience that these motor/generator combinations WITH the right CIRCUIT, the right MOTOR, and the right COILS will DEFINITELY work.


After so many years of researching in this area I find it interesting and at times even humorous to see folks still pushing the idea of driving generators with external motors. As if to convey via their demonstrations that they have yet to find the relationship between motors and generators which would allow them to integrate the two aspects into a useful, practical whole. I sincerely hope that you are beyond this. There is much to be gained in properly uniting the two into a single mutually inductive relation.

I recall you asking if anyone had accomplished acceleration under short using an air core based system. Have you made any progress on that front?

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