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As I have stated before, a DC motor should ALWAYS be run as a pulse motor and between the POSITIVES of two power sources with a POTENTIAL difference.

WHY you might ask???? So that between 80 and 90% of the power used to run the motor can be recaptured. And used again and again and again. If you design a motor to have deliberate off times, it runs as a GENERATOR during the off times.

There is at least ONE other person on this forum who has built a motor/generator combination pulsing an off the shelf DC motor to turn a generator where the motor runs on a PATH of about 40 watts (with 80% recovery) and turns a generator that produces close to 90 watts. What is the COP of THAT??

I haven't just SEEN it. I have BUILT it. At the present time I have a few thousand dollars invested in a scaled up model I have been working on for well over two years.

So I can tell you from experience that these motor/generator combinations WITH the right CIRCUIT, the right MOTOR, and the right COILS will DEFINITELY work.

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