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Killing the family

6 reasons to give up on marriage;
This vid explains why men are frightened of Marriage. A few minutes into the vid, the speaker explains that the State prefers to destroy marriage so that it has no competition in allegiance. Obviously, the State hasn't thought out the result of destroying such a basic institution that serves such a basic need in mankind.
The State does NOT recognise love. Many decades ago, orphanages were built specifically for infants. They were cleaned and fed and comfortable. They died. The State destroys the natural order that was developed over millions of years. There is NO substitute for the love of a mother,,, certainly nothing so sterile, dark, evil and calculating as the faceless State. As the State penalizes men to contribute to the destruction of marriage, it also lowers the birth rate and the sanity rate.
Women are very emotional and very tuned in to feelings. If they can't get a partner based on their true attributes, they can't very well stomach keeping a man just by paying his bills. Guys more-or-less expect that the woman sticks around just for economic reasons. The Greeks, says Pantazi, have an old saying about domestic abuse: "When poverty enters from the door, love jumps out of the window."
Militant feminism is centered around mental torture and force-of-law. BUT, all of this appears AFTER the snare is sprung.
Cosmopolitan magazine wrote; "you may have your name on the door of the VPs office but, if you go home to an empty house, you just haven't made it in life."
The radical feminist can hold true to her cause and her dream but, she will be missing out on a large part of what of fulfilling the needs that mother nature impressed in her brain.
Greece is very poor but, reportedly the country that is having the most sex. At the bottom of the list is America and the U.K. The State may want us to worship it but, the room will be empty because the State killed marriage, sex, the family and sanity.
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