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four quadrant model

Originally Posted by Raphael37 View Post
I can clearly see that you are suggesting that the 4-quadrant theory that Eric Dollard and *others* promote is not new or special at all.

In fact there is only one person today linking the 4-quadrant theory to what gravity is ... and to what entanglement is hinting at ... yes there is a genius among us ... and it is not Eric Dollard ... who has recovered a model that even truth defaults to, and that is a good sign.
^^^ it would be this fella here, a virtual newcomer to the world of virtual reality, a nobody who came out of 'nowhere' ...

My Asymmetric SWASTIKA NANO Machines
^^^ closer to home

Why don't you explain to all of us your understanding of how Eric is applying a four quadrant model to electricity and explain who else has been able to explain it like Eric?
Aaron Murakami

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