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Suicide Or Lynching? FBI Probes Death Of Lennon Lacy. 17-Yr-Old NC Black Teen Found Hanging From Belt & Dog Leash That Didn't Belong To Him. Grave Desecrated (Video) - lennon lacy

Motor vehicle-assisted ligature strangulation causing complete decapitation: an autopsy report. - PubMed - NCBI AR tongue bit

Autopsy: Rolesville boy, mother were strangled before house fire | WNCN kristy bryan

Soft Tissue Injury of the Neck - Health Library


Causes of blunt injury may include:

• "Clothesline" injuries. This happens when someone is moving at high speed and runs into a clothesline, outstretched arm, or similar object. This results in a direct injury to the front of the neck. If the airway is blocked, it can cause suffocation due to lack of oxygen (asphyxiation) or even instant death.
• High-energy trauma. This includes injuries from motor vehicle crashes, falling from a great height, or heavy objects falling onto the neck.
• Sports-related injuries. Injury to the windpipe and voice box can result from being struck by another player or being struck by an object, such as a baseball, hockey stick, or an outstretched arm.

Strangulation. This type of injury may cause skin trauma, hoarseness of voice, or broken cartilage in the voice box or windpipe. It may also cause a serious airway problem.



• Pain and tenderness in the neck.

Swelling of the neck and face. Face swelling PA Reflection/Homicide
-Case Report Positional Asphyxia: An Opinion of... Ligature autopsy AR Omaha Fake AR Vomit Beaten strangulation

With complete and sustained obstruction of both jugular
– 20-30 seconds causes petechiae above the point of constriction
– 2 minutes to full unconsciousness
– another 2 minutes of sustained unconsciousness until death
• With complete obstruction of the mouth and nose by
suffocation, same approximate time interval, but petechiae
become generalized throughout the body, rather than just
isolated to the head.

A petechial hemorrhage is a tiny pinpoint red mark that is an important sign of asphyxia caused by some external means of obstructing the airways. They are sometimes also called petechiae. Their presence often indicates a death by manual strangulation, hanging, or smothering. The hemorrhages occur when blood leaks from the tiny capillaries in the eyes, which can rupture due to increased pressure on the veins in the head when the airways are obstructed. If petechial hemorrhages and facial congestion are present, it is a strong indication of asphyxia by strangulation as the cause of death. clothes organs Natalie Wood

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