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I purchased and watched the recent Tesla Resonant Transformer instructional video.

I love the instructional, class-room style videos. It makes it very understandable with diagrams and the algebra calculations shown are then calculated out, so there is no confusion of whatís going on.

Itís enlightening to see how for 570Kcps ľ wave resonant coil of 20 turns the physical size and the grounding impedance required, as compared to the same frequency coil with 30 turns. Just 10 more turns makes a big difference for the overall size and construction of the coil.

The tutorial-like videos certainly seems to be the way to go in helping more experimenters learn about Tesla resonant coils. I was more than happy to pay the $7 to join the class room.

Who made the coil seen towards the end of the video? It would be great to see follow up video(s) as this coil progresses, showing resonant frequency analysis, tuning methods, impedance measurements or calculations, through to the transmission or reception. And as Aaron says, this from the most authoritative expert in the world on the subject!

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