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Originally Posted by woopy View Post
Hi grum

Fantastic work bravo

just 2 questions

It seems that when the plate enters in attraction with the outer fixed magnet, the acceleration is very low.
Is it perhaps because your plate is too massive to be accelerated by your small magnet and does not get the necessary momentum ?

In Brad configuration , when the plate leave the Dead center, the 2 magnets are organized to be in repulsion before the axle of the crank passes its dead center . And i think this moment is the most important timing point on this machine.
And on your design (video 5) it seems on the contrary , that the crank axle passes the dead center before the repulsion of the 2 magnets?

Just my 2 cents by observing the videos, i don't know if it is important but just a consideration.

Good luck to you

Dear Laurent.

Many thanks for your compliments and observations .

Brad did mention via PM that I had deviated a little from his concept, hence the use of the word " tangential " !

It is a work in progress, domesticity has had to come first. I agree that there's probably more mass to the rotor than is necessary, so for starters I'm going to remove the unused portion of the G.O.E.S. above the centreline.

The next job will be to create a linear action of the moving magnet against the con rod. Brad used a very long swing arm that reduced the ellipse to a minimum. I was looking for a neater approach with all the " gubbins " under the bonnet, so to speak. This approach, however, created a greater arc of the moving magnet.
I have now thought of a way to get the con rod moving in a linear manner borrowed from the early steam engines, a half trunk guide but using a ball race to reduce friction.

Spare time is rather scarce ATM, I will try to improve the device as and when.

Kind regards, Grum.
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