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I am not name calling or angree. Just some mild critisism here. For example the hygroscopy case that was mistreated in the past.

Another case is that Eric mentions in the youtube video's and in the book where so called dr ? Green stars there he mentions that people got small motors to work and small lamps to lighten up with the coils. All the time I have been around I never have seen dr Green getting small motors to work or even a led to light from an am station. So who is Etic revering to??? Or might he be making that up? It makes me think that if he made that up than what should I believe about his other succes stories. Fact is that I have seen nothing work except Polansky's work who is now fired for doing what Eric does. Nothing.

Questions about capacitors I have missed. Please ask again. I do have some knowledge in that field. I still work with Tesla coils and the aether.
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