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Buddhists, the tolerant cannot tolerate the intolerant.
The rape and murder of Thida Htway sparked the cycle of violence that
subsequentially spiraled out of control, but, it was not the root cause. It was one of
many sparks. There are many rapes of Buddhist women and girls, mainly in the Muslim
dominated townships of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathaydaung. In these townships,
and others with large Muslim populations, the Rakhine Buddhists continually complain
that the Bengalis steal their property, their cattle and crops, and harass, attack and
sometimes kill the Buddhists, and other non-Muslims.
(See the many Interviews in this Report)
And, disturbingly, the Bengalis seem to even find justification, for being
contemptuous of the Rakhine people, their culture and their Buddhist faith. The Muslims
are beholden to the insular dictates of their faith, which does not encourage assimilation
with others, nor admiration or even tolerance, but upholds expansionism, superiority,
and the inarguable belief that Islam will - by Allahís (Godís) decree - be accepted by all
people, everywhere.

Conflict & Violence in Arakan, Myanmar

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