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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
If you can post in this thread, you should be able to post in any other thread. We have no admin option to allow a user to post in certain threads and deny posts in others. It is all or none. Go to Google and search: what is my ip

PM me that and I'll see if it is on a block list.
That was the bizzarest thing I've experienced. I spent HOURS trying to post in MadMack's thread, but it absolutely would not allow the following text to be submitted (will it work here...);


Haha, this is crazy - I can't submit the paragraph here either! I'll PM it to you (if I can!) and see if you can make sense out of it. It's probably the URL it's objecting to. As I mentioned, I was banned by your site after trying to post it, probably a few dozens of times. Luckily I don't have a permanent IP, so disconnection/reconnecting to my ISP was all that was needed. But while 'banned', I could still connect & post via Tor, so it was definitely being blocked somehow. No matter, it seems to be ok now. Maybe the NSA/CIA were feeling bored...

Edit: Nope, I can't PM it to you either! I tried changing the URL a bit but it still wouldn't submit - I give up. I guess you have a buggy script somewhere.

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