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blocked posts?

Originally Posted by sprocket View Post
Testing. Just seeing if this will post, as I can't currently on other threads...

Edit: Ok this sucks! Why can I no longer post in the Magnet Motor Revelations thread, whereas I can post here without a problem? I've tried at least a dozen times, but all I see is a white screen when it hangs when trying to submit my post. Whereas here it posts immediately!

Edit: Aaron, does Energetic have some form of spam filter that scans posts before allowing them to be posted? I was trying to submit a post which contained a URL to Firefox add-ons, and it hung every time. More bizarre still, I think Energetic has now banned my IP address for some reason as I can no longer even read Energetic posts from my normal browser. I'm having to post this via Tor. Sucks, whatever the reason.
If you can post in this thread, you should be able to post in any other thread. We have no admin option to allow a user to post in certain threads and deny posts in others. It is all or none. Go to Google and search: what is my ip

PM me that and I'll see if it is on a block list.
Aaron Murakami

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