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ddn't test it YET.

outrunner sounds like it would do the job.

imagine a horizontal line through the axis of the big wheel. you see
how it divides the path of the half flywheel's center of mass. you see
that the path above the axis is almost double the path below. that is
the ratio that determines the net force.

according to I = mrČ. doubling the weight will double the net force.

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Haha, wait till you've been here a while.

it has certainly piqued my interest. Have you actually tested this? Would doubling the weight of the half-flywheel double the directional-thrust as well? Outrunner motors would seem ideal for this, compact with lots of power. There's a Youtube video where some Germans used LOTS and LOTS of outrunners to make a 1-man drone that managed to hover a couple of meters off the ground. I'm thinking that a fraction of those motors would be required to lift a man if this worked! A couple of more for horizantal thrust and your off to the moon!!! Weeeee.....

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