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why it has not been made/reproduced so far is beyond me. remember that
human stupidity is infinite (i am not refering to members of this forum).

your video is interesting. i'll follow their development. my idea was inspired
by many such devices but mostly by one so called gyradoscope.

i was inspired by it and i found a way to simplify such device down to raw
operating principle and that is the differential of inertial impulse between the
two half cycles. this was the solution.

i expect now it will be fairly easy to make a small device that will levitate
itself and maybe few times it's weight. the rpm will depend on the weight
of the system, weight of the half-flywheel and diameter of the shaft
following the formula for moment of inertia I = mrČ.

Originally Posted by sprocket View Post
If true, why have I not come across a Youtube video showing this effect? It would seem reasonably easy to reproduce. Any numbers on how much thrust it could produce - how fast would it need to rotate to 'float'?

Reminded me of this Youtube video I came across regarding CF which I found intriguing.
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