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Originally Posted by etherflow View Post
main flywheel and half-flywheel mass counterrotate at the same rpm. thus, half-flywheel mass travels an eliptical path always facing the same direction. since it travels close to the axis first half of the cycle and close to the rim another half of the cycle, there is a differential of inertial moment, thus, BY THE LAW, a unidirectional net force is produced. flywheels are kept in phase by the timing pulley.

the aim is to further understand the phenomena and to consider the implications. please comment.
If true, why have I not come across a Youtube video showing this effect? It would seem reasonably easy to reproduce. Any numbers on how much thrust it could produce - how fast would it need to rotate to 'float'?

Reminded me of this Youtube video I came across regarding CF which I found intriguing.
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