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Originally Posted by aguy View Post
food 4 thought
it seems to me that a magnet on acceleration away from like pole should pull next magnet through gate a if it cant then the rotor should be linked[geared?] to outer dia magnets so that can be flipped changing pole
Hello aguy

Can I make a statement? I have needed to say this for 1 month. Not just for

you aguy but for everyone. I am going to ask you some questions. When you

answer these questions, you will understand. Is this okay?

Here we go.

Question #1
Do the people coming here know who started this thread?

Question #2
Do the people understand that Mack has 40 years of professional
experience in the industrial engineering field???

Question #3
Do the people understand that this motor with it's parts, as we are showing,
come from old patents or what is called "PRIOR ART"????

Question #4
Do the people understand that this build has been done several times and
other more advanced motors besides????

Question #5
Do the people realize that they keep making comments that suggest
that this motor might not work unless we hear their input, when this
motor we are building has been built before and is running using
the basic principles from Prior art.

Question #6
Do the people understand that Mack is only giving hints from day to day
as a means of helping us to be recipients of a first hand step by step
investigation into a worth while direction??????

Question #7
Do the people passing by even read the beginning of the thread?

This is not a guessing game in the respect that no one knows how,
it is a hinting method so that we may use out minds as we proceed to
actually understand the motor we are building.

This investigation is being handled in a way so that we may have
time to throw out all of the dogma surrounding the lies that magnet
motors are worthless. The method you see of daily hints and coaching
is done so that success will take place at the same time we get
why that it works, not the other way around.

The way most people get messed up is that they try to figure it out
first and use some math to back it up and then they know it doesn't work.

This process is only for those who are willing to put their hand to a
project who's course has already been charted by a man who has them
running on many levels.

We are not waiting for anyone else, just MACK and Mack is not waiting
for everyone to come by to correct his motor, that has already been done.
Mack is waiting for a few of us serious builders to complete the steps
laid out by him.

Of course we are not trying to be hateful so we want to you to understand
these questions. We thank you for your kind words of concern and your
offering in the form of knowledge you have gathered over the years.

Thank you for your interest. I hope you can understand my questions and
will consider this project for yourself and your friends. This is a done did deal
not a fake/guessing of what might be in the sweet by and by.

I hope everyone is clear on these facts and I have written these words
to encourage you. Start this build today.

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