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Wrong assumption....

Originally Posted by Raphael37 View Post
sorry Mack but your idea based on symmetry is lacking IF symmetry is the key to your idea.

Einstein and company made the same mistake over 100 years ago and the mistake was not noticed until 1956 when parity violation of the 'symmetrical' four forces was observed.

theoretically your idea is a FAIL and I suspect your idea will never 'fly'

Here is where the big boys went wrong.


Mack's set up STARTS by Symmetrically setting all magnets in the he obtains a perfectly balanced symmetrical zero forces system, cancelled by each opposite and equal number of counter up to here the system is Symmetrical...BUT, in order to achieve rotation, his ramps are Asymmetrical and in "sequence"...that is what brings motion to this device.

That is my opinion.


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