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Originally Posted by MadMack View Post

Take the nail and touch the magnet crosswise with the pointed tip of the nail over the center of the face so the nail contacts only half of the magnet pole. Compare the amount of force it takes to pull it away. It's noticeably less.

Now take the nail and place the point of the nail in the center of the magnet pole, but this time hold the nail vertical to the magnet like you are going to hammer it in. It takes a lot less force to remove the nail.

In Ufo's video, look at 2:46, as the rotor magnet passes the stator at the top.

Hi guys

What I think Mack is saying is that surface area/mass of the fork tips

and exposure area are all part of tuning. Mack says that UFO's video

has a kick back at 2:46 like Shylo was talkin

Look at the ramps. And think think think.....

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