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About a simple question...

Hello to all,

There are two comments from two different members building here and I am citing them both below...

Originally Posted by tachyoncatcher View Post

Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
It was never intended to self run nor increase acceleration by means of only two modules, two rotor magnets and two stators!...come on friend, you know that.
No Ufo, I don't know that. In my mind and confirmed by Mack, each module is a duplicate of the first. A module being what you showed in the video. In my mind we should see constant rotation or even acceleration from one module. Unless excessive losses due to crappy bearings, or large berings and shaft are being used. Then, as we add modules we add additional power. If one module is insufficient to cause rotation on its own, then additional modules will not help.
Originally Posted by Turion View Post
With only TWO stators and all the magnets on the rotor correctly tuned, it will either self run or it won't. Adding MORE stators will NOT make it work if it doesn't work with two, so don't waste your time!!!!! More stators will make it run faster and stronger, but unless it runs with just two, it will NEVER self run.
I would like to know where in this Thread do Mack writes that just Two Stators with their respective Ramps...and the rotor with All Magnets properly set and aligned ...This configuration is supposed to deliver a continuous rotation?

Honestly, I have not able to found such info written by Mack here...So, and if any of you has found it, please, by all means bring it on!!

I have absolutely nothing against that possibility though...and as a matter of fact I will be VERY happy to be that way!!...since for me at this point due to personal circumstances is very hard just to build a single ramp...So, nothing would be more relieving than knowing just two ramps will do a full-constant rotation even at 2 RPM's ...I really could care less about torque and speed...BUT a FULL, Continuous rotation would be more than enough to demonstrate this motor works... that simple.

Mack, whenever you have a chance,...please, correct me if I am wrong...or the other statement(s) cited above.

Right now, I am building Two more Ramps...which are much longer than the ones seen on I have all rotor magnets mounted...

The Ramps on Video are 45 in a Six Module set up where I have spaces of 60 between rotor magnets-stators......So, I have decided to also make ramps adjustable from 50 to 55 to play with them...and of course...the limit would be right order to have at least 5 to get stators in when the whole assembly is on.

Regards to all


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