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Henry Cavendish and Various

Henry Cavendish and his 'Electrical Researches' Volume 1:

Edited by James Clerk Maxwell.
Brilliant English lone researcher that used his body as the meter to detect current.

The Cavendish Experiment:

Will be getting back into the Lab after the heat sets in with Vacuum Tubes into the TMT.
Just moved, with my wife, some 14 tonnes of gravel on the driveway, looks good - distractions!
Just bought an 8" Saxon Dobsonian Telescope to look at where the Cosmic Rays are coming from - another distraction.

Eric Dollard should have taken up my offer in the Land Of Oz, a fully equipped Lab outfitted with Henry Ford Buzz boxes and a Grey Shrike Thrush guarding the front door.
Sorry that it did not work out with John.
Preparing a snail mail with respect to the Vacuum Tube builds - Tesla Transformer Pulse Generator/Regenerative Magnifying Receiver/Cosmic Ray Detector.
Also a dual 5U4G rectifier power supply that was involved with the implosion TV event where the AC (5volt) and DC (405 volt) are together at the output.

Aetheric Weather Engineering continues successfully with 22 devices of 11 different methodologies - makes current science look a little sick.
Be back soon.

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