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"Syrian President Bashar Assad who made the fatal decision to reject the Arab Gas Pipeline in favor of the Iran-Iraq-Syria (or the “Islamic”) pipeline. Most Sunni Arabs view the Islamic Pipeline as a Shi’ite pipeline serving Shi’ite interests. After all, it originates in Shi’ite Iran, passes through Shi’ite-controlled Iraq, and ultimately flows into Shi’ite controlled Syria. So far, the Sunni Gulf nations have violently opposed Syria’s adoption of the Islamic Pipeline by bankrolling opposition fighters within Syria in an effort to destabilize the nation.

The Middle East is consumed with religious hatred and is embroiled in religiously-motivated wars. While the actual tensions are economic in nature (like pipelines, resources, etc.), they are exacerbated by religious hatred. "
So, let's take all that hatred and move it into Europe.
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