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The NWO folks worship many false gOds such as Baphomet in Detroit.

Decoding the symbols on Satan's statue - BBC News

While other factions say they worship no god yet mother earth is

always on THEIR lips. Anyway you cut the cake the BEAST SYSTEM

is coming and will grind to pieces all resistance. Regular folks are not

able to murder at will or at random so what ISIS or Islamic fundamentals

won't do the robotic machinery will. Jade Helm exercises recently carried

out all across the USA set up an information control grid and data

collection. The machines use cell phones, Titter, Facebook, and the list

goes on out into the cameras on the roads.

The Jade Helm computer system is being programmed to removed hostiles

and will fire on or eliminate targets during civil unrest maneuvers. Guillotines

have been used in red China for decades to remove unwanted opposition.

You will fall down before the new system or be shut out of it.

The Jade Helm artificial intelligence AKA (A.I.) are also capable of shifting

the moods of crowds by the use of special frequencies. Sound cannons

are only one of the ways mobs are brought under. MK Ultra and Project

Blue Beam were started many decades ago.

Mind control has been perfected and is evolving so rapidly that only

computers can keep up with all of the new data. Computers are now

building computers at ever increasing rates. People will merge with

machines such as chips to connect out minds directly into the web.

The new systems are being painted as a wonderful step in man controlling

his own destiny. At the same time world government wants to remove

over 6 billion useless eaters from the dinner table, so caskets able to

hold 8 bodies made of plastic are being piled high in the

millions. This is a well known fact and the answer to why, is that in the

event of a biological war the NWO will need to isolate all


Isis is the right hand of the NWO red army that hates Jews and Christians.

Open boarders world wide will now bring about an escalation of murder and

blood shed that mankind has never witnessed since the beginning.

Technology and Wizardy will become inseparable. The majority will fall down

prostrate before these coming dazzling displays of might and power by

the controller of great inventions.

On the other hand this coming system with it's crony follower will do what

they have been projected to do, that being go with the flow as long as they

can save their miserable lives regardless. They will turn a blind eye to the

screams of the innocent and totally infuriate the KING.

When the Sheet Hits the Fan don't say you weren't warned ahead of time.

The Day of Vengeance is in THE HEART OF THE ALMIGHTY. For this to take

place the wickedness of mankind must first rage out of control.

You will either bow to the new system or be cut off. All manner of fear

tactics will be used to get you to conform.

May the Lord strengthen your resolve to hold up the standards of THE KING.

And you will receive a Crown of Life. No one is able to remove you out of


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