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Damn ALL theocracies

Paul Wofowitz is a jewish neocon who is responsible for the Wolfowitz doctrine. Summed up; trash ALL neighbors of israel. Israel's batch has been quite busy carrying out this program / pogrom. This trashing of the whole middle east has created a LOT of refugees. This Facebook video has been taken down.
It is a vid of an orthodox rabbi claiming that the refugee crisis is EXCELLENT news. The invasion of Europee by muslims will destroy Christianity. This will allow the return of the messiah.
We sent foreign aid to israel. They used it very wisely and bought politicians. How The Jews Took Washington | Real Jew News
Russia is primarily a Christian country with tolerance for everybody. They know that NATO and the neocons have their sights set on destroying Russia. Russia is NOT going to wait around to be smashed by America or the neocons. Putin Has Just Put An End to the Wolfowitz Doctrine | Zero Hedge
There is much talk of WW III. Russia demonstrated several months ago with the warship, Donald Cook. that it has great superiority in electronic warfare. American military will NOT go head to head with Russia. Look at that huge turkey of a fighter plane that we just started producing.
Russia very clearly and publicly demonstrated their jamming system. Now, they have released clear photos of these same systems on their planes in Syria.
The war mongers are going to gnash their teeth and rend their clothes but, they can't stop Russia.
US and Rogue Allies Plot Plan B in Syria
It won't be long before the West collapses and GOV will be too busy with domestic issues to maintain and expensive military posture.
EVERYONE and their dog knows that ISIS is a creation of MOSSAD and the CIA. The theocracy israel is adamant to convince the whole world that the theocracy iran is a grave danger to the world. The handlers of ISIS have demanded GREAT brutality to show the world what a danger islam is.
Who is more guilty; the guy who pulls the trigger OR, the guy who gave him the gun and the hatred? We've been bombing the middle east in one fashion or another for decades.
If you're keeping count of dead bodies, I'd have to say that zionism is ahead of islam at the moment.
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