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I completed connecting the star radial grounding rods, all is left to bring the ground into the house. On the telluric antenna I added an extra 300 feet to the existing 200 feet long wire. When I was tuned to a weak station the connected the 200 feet wire the reception got much stronger and when I connected the extra 300 feet there was no change in the reception strength. Next I tuned to a weak station approximately twice the frequency than before and the result was much better reception with the 200+300 feet long antenna.
The way I see it is the AM band is 600 kHz to 1600 kHz. A full wave antenna would be 498 m (1633 Ft) to 186 m (613 Ft) long corresponding to 600 kHz and 1600 kHz respectively. Antenna books indicate that reception is good with 1/2 wave or even 1/4 wave long antennas. So in a frugal design, one can get away using a 409 feet long antenna to cover the AM spectrum.
A full wavelength design would be 1633 feet long. In Eric's case he is working with twice 6000 feet wire antenna. In the antenna books I could not find that "longer is better", but 12,000 feet definitely covers the spectrum multiple times, so it could not hurt.
I am not an antenna designer and if in case the aerial antenna rules do not apply to the telluric antennas then I would ask Eric to gives us a "primer" on antennas in general. Have a good weekend.
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