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CRI update.

I uncoiled my 100 feet long #10 ga copper wire which the seller shipped coiled to a 4 inch diameter blob. I promised earlier that I will repeat the telluric antenna experiment with bare wire. So I set the AM radio to a very weak station and placed it next to the grounding rod, then I connected the bare copper wire to the grounding rod and there was barely any change in reception. Next I disconnected the bare copper wire and connected the insulated wire (which is still not buried) to the grounding rod and suddenly the volume has increased significantly. I suspected already that the bare wire will not work as a telluric antenna since during my initial experiment once I connected both ends of the 200 feet long insulated wire to grounding rods and the result were negligible compared only one end of the insulated wire being grounded. Next I will report after I finished connecting my star radial grounding system.
Remember Eric said that "bigger is better" for the telluric insulted wire diameter. The cost involved going bigger can go up exponentially. So I will try one more thing before I bury my insulated wire. I will run a second insulated wire parallel with the first to see if more conductor in the ground will further improve AM reception. If this works I can get for instance a three conductor #14 ga copper cable for underground services in lieu of a #10 ga single insulated wire, just connect the ends together of the 3 conductors, insulate one end and ground the other.
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