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On the subject of earthing, I've been out taking some pictures of where I'll be setting up. This was the old coal shed, my stuff is the top part and the earthing arrangement will go in the garden in front, about 6-7 metre diameter star/ring, and I'll dig a channel under/through the wall to connect to it. A small structure just to house the coil in the centre might come later.

This is the field next door, which as can be seen is mostly like a giant bog and is soaked, the farmer even got his tractor stuck in it a few years ago, so it should be ideal for reception experiments. The whole area is quite marshy. The lab/shed is behind the bushes next to the house with solar panels. The bottom of the field where I'm standing is about 75-ish metres away.

The view from the top of the field. I also know the farmers who own practically every field that's in view so assuming that a decent mobile earthing arrangement is possible then experiments can be done over quite a good distance within view.

This is an old iron pipe in the ditch between the garden and the top of the field. It was installed 100 years ago to transport water 300 metres or so from a spring to a well on the side of the road for horses. Builders broke the pipe where I'm standing years ago but the idea I have here is obvious. It should extend about 250 metres in one direction and 50 in the other, unless someone else has also been digging and broken it.

And about a metre to the left of the iron pipe is what appears to be another spring which as far as I can tell flows independently of any recent rain. All in all the conditions look good!


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