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coil self capacitance

Tesla was totally in the dark as far as the nature of self capacitance of coils. Do not get lost in his confusion. The self capacitance of a coil turns out to be primarily a function of the height to width ratio only. The number of turns or wire diameter has little to do with it.

Originally Posted by Nhopa View Post
Hi dR-Green and Sputins:
Thank you for your comments.
I need some help sorting out the issue of distributed capacity.
In Tesla's CSN on page 72 (on the top) it says that the distance between coil turns would have to be reduced to 1/83 of the previous value in order to reduce distributed capacity. This number came about because Tesla reduced the wire size from #10 to #31 in order to have a much smaller distributed capacity.
I found two US patents, 1342209 and1409352, both of which claims that their invention will reduce coil distributed capacity. One states that the distributed capacity effect is inversely proportional to the spacing between the turns. This seems to be contradicting Tesla's finding.
Let say we agree with these patent claims, can we benefit by winding our secondary coil in accordance with one of the methods?
For one of my secondary coil I calculated 19.47 pF (this value will be re verified) for the distributed capacity. According to Tesla one can place capacitors in series with the coil turns to reduce the distributed capacity. In my case how do I determine how many and what value capacitors should I use.
Eric gives the spacing between coil turn centers as Tau=l/N*2xPi, this equation does not take into consideration the magnitude of distributed capacity as a function of the coil turns spacing. Take care.

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