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Hi Sputins:

I am looking for volunteers to help me dig. I live just north of Phoenix, AZ.
But beside joking I am thinking on some additional testing before putting the wire underground. Since Erik and I were using insulated cable and wire respectively, what would happen if I use bare wire?
Your questions will be welcome and I may be able test some of your concerns or suggestions.
Before you do your star radial system, please read the reference I posted about a month ago. The title was "Designing for a Low Resistance Earth Interface - Rev. B-102407". It will save you money on the number of rods required, also it contains some neat calculations. I also have space limitation so my star radial consist of 5 rods, one in the center and 4 more on a 17' radius circle and the rods spaced 60 degrees apart. I have not yet wired the rods together because I still have to buy #6 or #8 copper wire. I am having problem with Eric wiring together all the grounding rods, because in my mind it defeats the purpose of a good ground. On the other hand if Eric wants to create a telluric antenna system, then may be that is the way to go but I do not think you can have it both ways. I may experiment with that set up after I properly wired the grounding rods.
If Eric is willing to do more testing then he could for instance quantify effective cable/wire length by measuring with instrument the increase of reception strength vs. conductor length and verify best take off point for the telluric signal.
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