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CRI update III

Hi all:

Today I have done some more testing before burying the wires. I removed the small coil from the middle of the two 100 feet wires and then connected the wires together. First I moved the coil to the ungrounded end of the 200 feet long wire but the reception was not good. Next I moved the coil to the grounded end of the long wire and connected the other end of the coil to the grounding rod. The reception was very strong. Next I removed the small coil from the circuit and connected the 200 feet long wire directly to the grounding rod. The reception was just as good as with the small coil attached. For these tests the radio is tuned to a station that is barely audible then the radio is moved parallel to it's tuned position toward the grounding rod and when next to the grounding rod, the reception was very loud. I ran the radio dial from end to end and lots of stations came in very loud.
Finally I moved a one end of the 100 feet long wire next to my unfinished star radial grounding system, connected the small coil between the wire and the grounding rod but the radio reception was not to great. Next I connected the other 100 feet long wire to the end of the first but perpendicular to it and the reception was again great. With this arrangement the wires are running along two sides of my garden wall and this way I could add another 100 feet long wire to the end, making the total length 300 feet.
I don't know if Eric still reads the forum posts but if he is willing to verify my findings that would be great. In that case two things need to be done.
First, disconnect the two 6000 feet cables and move the small coil between the grounding rod and the 6000 feet long cable and check the AM reception, then remove the coil and just connect the cable end to the grounding wire and again check the reception.
Second, connect the second 6000 feet long cable to the first length and see if the AM reception improves with 12,000 feet long cable compared to the single 6000 feet run.
It would be nice to know if there is a practical limit to the length of the buried cable, perhaps related to the longest wave length we wish to utilize?
Also, if this telluric system so efficient then may be possible to use it for communication between Eric and ourselves (if this would not violate FCC rules).
At this point I am confident if I build this telluric system then my experimentation with Eric's CRI will bring good results.
As before, comments and suggestions are welcome.
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