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Originally Posted by Sputins View Post
You might experiment with Pythagorean temperament ideas with you own music production?

I have stood in front of my friendsí invention / device which consists of ten pairs of speakers, (twenty in total). Each pair of speakers has its own amplifier and each amplifier is driven with its own discrete frequency all controlled from a PC and certain software. All of the frequencies are derived and based around the golden ratio. The reason for so many speakers is because one speaker could not physically reproduce the complexity of the sound. Standing in front and listening to this device for a time really moves you. There are nodes of sound that can be found by moving around in the space between them. It becomes a little addictive, seems to have strange effects on onesí consciousness etc.

My friend is also a fan of Eric and his work, so Iím sure he might try and develop sounds with his device based on Pythagorean temperament.
Yes it could be interesting in a lot of ways. That's an interesting sounding contraption. I suppose the nodes on that might be most interesting. The bass is always strongest on the opposite side of my room because of the size of the room and the wavelength etc, with equal temperament this and the harmonics would be moving around as different components move in and out of phase, but with the Pythagorean tuning there will be definite points where such things converge. We can see in this way how music can be written for a particular room, which won't sound good when played elsewhere. I suppose that's one of the problems the audio engineer tries to overcome already (making it consistently sound good outside the studio), but it could take it to another level if the room it's played in is designed or incorporated into the music as an instrument in the performance.

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