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Hi Sputins and all active members:

Thank you for the reply. The reason my previous e-mal was addressed to dR-Green is that it seemed to me he is the one who was back from "vacation" and always ready to respond. I hope beside you other members are reading the various posts. Anyone who is still participating in this forum should see Eric's CRI video and give it another try with the experiment.

Currently I am working on my new grounding system. I have five 8 feet long copper clad steel rods in the ground in a semi star radial fashion. One rod in the center and four more rods on a 17 feet radius semi circle placed 60 degree apart. Ordinarily I would connect the four rods to the center one with #6 bare copper wire and into the house also using #6 wire, But with Eric's recommended set up I could use #10 0r #12 bare copper wire except I need the depth. As deep as you can go is not good enough, here in the desert is not easy to dig a 6" wide x 24" deep (or deeper) trench between every rod or for a total of about 200 feet!

Also I am wondering if I connect every rod to every other rod as Eric shows it in the video do I reduce the systems effectiveness as a ground that is I kind of "short circuit" the grounding rods? I think I can experiment with my set up first properly connecting as my previously posted reference shows it and then add Eric's extra wires between all ground rods. It seems to me that what Eric is recommending is more of an underground antenna system than a ground.

I will keep you all posted on the progress.
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