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Originally Posted by Nhopa View Post
Hi dR-Green:

I had a chance to watch the Eric's CRI video twice. A couple of thoughts:

1. Had Eric told us at the beginning not to worry about the extra coil and the importance of a very good grounding/ground antenna system under the experimental set up we would now have more people involved in the CRI with good results. I for one will start my experimentation again with the CRI based on the new instructions.

2. Once the lighting of a small bulb is achieved then we are ready for the experimentation with the extra coil.

3. In the video demonstrating the 12,000 feet long underground antenna's effect on AM radio reception it seemed to me that the underground telephone wire's orientation was not important and I also gathered that the wires were insulated and grounded on both ends. The reception with this set up was fantastic.

4. What is the significance of two 6,000 feet long wire? Just as a curiosity, what would be the reception with the same AM receiver if a 12,000 feet long above ground antenna is connected to it.

5. How the effectiveness of this telluric antenna changes with buried depth. Is there any data for that? I know Eric gives a range of depth in the video but it is not clear if the numbers are "out of the air" or based on some actual measurements.

6. Is it necessary for the in ground antenna to be a 12,000 feet long straight line? What would be the result if this 12,000 feet wire is laid out in a zig-zag fashion with a coupling coil in the middle of it. That is 100 feet lengths back and forth 60 times then the coupling coil and then again 100 feet lengths 60 times with grounding rods at both ends.

7. Can the superiority of the underground antenna be demonstrated with shorter length wires? What if the two shorter run is perpendicular to each other, that is at the end of one wire run the other wire run starts perpendicular to the first one?

8. The reason for the questions in paragraphs 6. and 7. are to possibly encourage an experimenter who does not have property with 12,000 feet straight runs to build a reduced size underground antenna system to experiment with.

Your observations about flowing water are very reveling and I can share your amazement. At one time in my life I was a white water raft guide on up to class V rivers and I am somewhat familiar with river hydraulics. I had the chance to observe how moving water creates formations that may be permanent or momentary and how the power of moving water created maybe a standing wave or a hole that is rotated upstream against the current. I also spent lots of time fly fishing in fast moving mountain streams and again an interested observer could see the endless formations that flowing water can display.
@ Nhopa: Your questions were asked of dR-Green but my answers to you from your list is as follows:

1, Eric did say it from the beginning, (Iíve mentioned it too) the Extra coil can be omitted until one has mastered the secondary coil alone. This for both CRI and TMT / CIG rig set up. Extra good grounding for receiving telluric signals is indeed essential. (Remember the video: 24 ground rods into a salt marsh connected to a massive copper bus)Ö Anyway good that youíve picked this up now.

2, Likely, a really small grain of rice bulb with secondary alone.. Then experiment with an Extra-coil.

3,4, ? Not sure.

5, Not sure either about the effectiveness against depth. I donít think any data from Eric has been given. It might depend on soil type or even surface area in contact with the ground. So a larger diameter pipe should work better than a thin one, given the same length. - I asked ďhow deepĒ once and Eric simply said how deep can you go? The Earth is hollow. - Most likely the deeper the better.

6, Likely not optimised by a zig zag, but sounds as if it might still work?

7, Donít know. Experiment and see.

8, Most people donít have a large property, so any manner to adapt to your own situation would be acceptable. Letís hope more people do get involved.
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