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Originally Posted by Nhopa View Post
Hi dR-Green:
Thank you for the information, I subscribed for the video.
The waves on the beach are indeed interesting. It seems they form over the sand ripples on the bottom then some of the water flow goes under the standing waves, giving them a spin against the water flow and the rest of the water flow goes over the standing waves. This split water flow perhaps create a low pressure zone in front of these standing waves thus make these waves move upstream while they slowly rotate toward upstream. Just a thought.
Flowing water is quite a fascinating situation, which is particularly dynamic on a beach because you can do things like poke a stick into the sand and watch how it all behaves as the water flows around the stick etc. The water also carries sand away and deposits it further down the stream, so the flowing water creates the sand ripples which create waves, but the waves also create the sand ripples through flowing over what starts as a flat surface, nothing is static or rigid about the process.

Anyway, one of life's coincidences is that this then presents itself:

BBC iPlayer - The Secret Life of Waves

Outside UK:

The Secret Life of Waves (2010) - YouTube

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:85FDE89A77DAD2672E5C06E52A62F9 A6E1267314&dn=BBC.The.Secret.Life.of.Waves.PDTV.Xv

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