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Hold your horses!!!

Bro Mikey!!
I have been out of this forum for a while since guys like you are POLLUTING treads like this one... The only reel reason for those inventors to hold the key for functionnal devices is MONEY.... You are a prone advocate of Bedini but ,since i have seen no one run their house from his technology, i assume it`s not the holy grail... I`m a firm beleiver of free energy and will look for ANY TYPE OF MACHINE that will work for me.. If ever you want to ADVANCE this tread to a working tread, you should take a look at this vid and reajust your aim on the reel target..
If you look at the vid and come to the same conclusion as i have found, you will see that we might dig on the reel problem and find out the key to make it work..
Since i have make calculation on his machine, it would theorically put out about 3,5 KW/h couple to a generator..
If this is not a good reason to give it a go, i dont know what will make you happy..
Hope die last!!!
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