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Originally Posted by John.K1 View Post
Hi Med.

I am not sure if I have posed it here before but check this guy Alexandr Mischin Watch from 11:00

Also the system of capacitor/coils, kind of reminds me the stuff we talk here about
As i see the video in Russian, but this is another video, my idea consist of using another high inductance to avoid the need for high voltage capacitor, for example 2uF /15KV isn't easy to find, in other hand they are very expensive, adding high inductance with the E-TBC in serial, together we form a parallel system, now a low capacitance can play in this resonating system, for example i have 300nf /10k capacitor, 100nf HV capacitor can be built locally with aluminum foils.. i am asking about the resonance how the E-TBC will act, can you imagine ?
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