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Originally Posted by John.K1 View Post
Hi Med.

I just think about the ODD harmonics in the Parallel LC contour ( 3,5,.etc).
From the other build I remember the ODD harmonics are "destructive" in the system while EVEN harmonics are Aditive?

HI John.

i only tested the square wave using the output from NE555 oscillator, using the scope i only achieved 24khz as max frequency even thought NE555 may achieve 200 khz very easy!!! the circuit i built is variable frequency/duty , the capacitor used to set the frequency is 10nf , so i think the chip is very old.

i achieved the mini resonance using normal parallel L/C in low voltage mode using these generated square wave, i remember i got two point of resonance, the amplitude will vary also as you know, in the scope the output wave was stable, i think this is good, i am planning to apply HV square wave on the E-TBC, but the problem is the low frequency i got !
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