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Originally Posted by Nhopa View Post
Hi dR-Green:

The reason is given in my reference. These guys ran tests and the conclusion was that proper rod spacing is 2.2 times the rod length, anything closer is just waste. Also I am aware the various test methods but in order to use them one needs expensive instrumentation and elaborate test set up.
I did not seen Eric's CRI presentation but I have the sketch Eric provided for us back in 2012 that shows a star radial system with a center rod plus 16 rods on a circle of 20 to 40 feet diameter. Considering my reference, 10 of those rods are useless, waste of money.
What other alternate do I have to measure earth ground to house ground resistance?
I will place my 5 grounding rod in accordance with the reference's recommendation. One in the center and 4 around it, spaced at 17 feet apart. I will report back on the result. Currently our temperature runs around 43 C, 110 F so I can do only one rod per day.
As a side note, if one of you in the forum has building plans for a sophisticated VLF or PI type metal detector, please let me know.
Unless you already have the expensive equipment to measure it, then the easy conclusion is that it doesn't really matter. It is what it is so getting some measured number is only good for personal satisfaction or information. Unless you intend to dig it all up and make changes upon finding the numbers too high.

Also bearing in mind that you can't really measure the resistance of your arrangement at Point A without using an equivalent arrangement at Point B, otherwise it will only be as good as the worst connection you have, so it mostly defies the point as it won't give you any meaningful reading.

You can use a hammer action drill or pneumatic drill type contraption for easy earth rod installation.

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