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So let me focus on the BASIC model then, rather than the advanced version.
Are the ramps between the magnets on the stator? If so, I would say you need a large rotor so that there will be space for ramps between magnets on the stator.
Did you use the same number of magnets as in the Bedini picture on the rotor?
Do you have magnets on your ramps like Bedini did?

In the Bedini version the stator has to remain fixed in order for the thing to work properly. You said your ramps pivoted in the middle? Trying to imagine how that would contribute to the movement of the rotor or what advantage a ramp that pivots in the middle gives to the design.

Just to throw it out there......My most successful attempt at a motor was a ramp with magnets along the side that forced a magnet with wheels on it to roll up a ramp. When it went over the top it rolled down the other side by gravity, its weight causing the slightly bent (more of a curve) see-saw to tip, and the ramp on the front came out of alignment with the magnets on the sides and the ramp on the back side to now come into alignment with magnets on the sides that forced the rolling magnet to reverse direction back up the ramp and over the top again. The see-saw would tip back and forth. The bigger and heavier the magnets, the more work it would do. Sometimes it would run for quite a while until something got in a bind or out of alignment, and then it would stop. I built several models with successively larger magnets, but all versions would get in a bind or out of alignment, so I quit the project. Maybe too soon, but I spent a couple years on it.

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