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Magnet Motor

I built a sucesseful magnet ramp that seems to defy standard expectations.
The moving part moved up the ramp and fell off, or went out of the reach of the magnetic force.

There is such product as a green magnetic film out there that shows magnetic fields. Is it possible to buy a big size sheet and to photograph one of those motors that work and to publish it in 1 : 1 scale, as well as stencils for the rotor and the stater?

When is there going to be a set of 3D printer files that anyone can print and populate with magnets, making a magnet motor without all the empirical tinkering?

I want to prepare models like this. Help me if you have SUCCESSFULLY built the motor or a ramp.

I understand that some adjustable parts may be needed but I want to minimize the amount of those.

Neodymium magnets are very standardized. It is to our advantage.

Thank you.
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